Magisk Canary Latest Version Now Available For Android 11

Magisk is the best rooting solution for Android now with all development by XDA developer Topjohnwu. The best thing about Magisk Root is its systemless root support without changing the default settings. Because of that exclusive feature, Magisk is known as a systemless root which is quite different from other root options in the market. And Magisk Canary is now the best part of Magisk through which you can root Android 11.

If you want to know about how Magisk Canary works, this is where you can get the basic guidelines.

Magisk Canary

Android 11 to the users

As above stated, Magisk Canary is an update to Magisk Root I focus on Root Android 11. So let’s see how the focus turned to Android’s latest software update through Magisk.

Back in February 2020, we found the update of Android 11 by Google through the first developer preview. And about one month later, the second Developer Preview of Android 11 has released by the company releasing the third Android 11 Beta 3 in early August. And this is where the developer Topjohnwu turned for Magisk Canary development to make Android 11 root possible.

Magisk Canary to Root Android 11

Magisk Canary is an update to Magisk root build-in focus to Android 11 root. The first-ever release of Magisk Canary build was designed to root Android 11 Developer preview.

This has released for Pixel smartphones, even we found the reports initially from Pixel 2 owners about its interruptions in functioning. As this is a Canary release, these malfunctions are expected. As to what the developer topjohnwu said, SafetyNet Verification is passing as of then, but it was undefined to how long that would last as Google would roll out hardware attestation completely for SafetyNet.

As you are already confirmed, Magisk Canary is to successfully root Android 11. If your device is a Pixel which is supported with the operating system version Android R, you can continue with Magisk Canary Download and run accordingly to gain root privileges.

Magisk Manager

The complete step Guide to Magisk Canary

  • Step 1: As with the device requirement, you will need to extract the boot image of the Android 11 firmware you are downloaded and have on the Pixel device. So copy the image into the storage
  • Step 2: Have Magisk Manager Canary download and installed
  • Step 3: Launch the Magisk Manager and continue with Install > Install > Select and then Patch a File, to pick and get to the stock boot image file
  • Step 5: Magisk Manager will now start patching the image you entered and will take back to the patched image “magisk_patched.img” in the Download folder from the device
  • Step 6: It is now to bring the patched image back from the device to the Windows PC
  • Step 7: Now Reboot your pixel device to fast boot mode
  • Step 8: Now go with the right guidelines from CMD/terminal
  • Step 9: Finally, Reboot the device (reboot manually) or you can go with the respective command

Hope you have gained a comprehensive guide through Magisk Canary. Stay tuned for more updates on the systemless root.