How to Root Android 10 with Magisk Manager?

Magisk is a powerful tool that owns very high popularity in the rooting field not just for bringing complete root but also for its systemless modifications. Magisk Manager has become very popular in the past years for its support in experiencing root and custom mods while relying on features like Google Play, Netflix and etc. the reason here is, Magisk does not touch system partition as all the modifications are applying on the boot partition. This is what we call Magisk, a systemless root. And thankfully, it can use to root up to the latest Android 10 to have many benefits over the stock. Here take the complete instructions on How to Root Android 10 with Magisk Manager, we take you through a comprehensive guide.

Magisk Manager 8.0.3

What do you need to proceed?

  • An Android device running Android 10 (Android 4.2 to upper are supported to use Magisk)
  • Custom Recovery (bring you the guide through TWRP method)

How to Root Android 10 with Magisk Manager?

There are different methods to install Magisk. If you already have Android root, you can install Magisk Manager and continue with the Magisk framework. On the other way, if you need to bypass Google’s SafetyNet, you can switch to Magisk SU from SuperSU. However, the best way to move is to install Magisk using TWRP. And here we go with the guide covering up Root Android 10 with Magisk Manager.

Step 01: Installing TWRP

The guide here covers flashing Magisk zip in TWRP. So here you need to have the Custom Recovery installed, to begin with. There are different ways to install TWRP depending on your device status. In fact, there is a different method if you are already rooted. And there you have to unroot completely in SuperSU after it is done. And in another way, if you have the Fastboot interface like most of the devices do, there is another way for it. So make sure you follow up with the right method and have the compatible TWRP installed.

Step 02: Download and Install Magisk

When you have the Custom Recovery ready, you have to focus on the Download Magisk zip file. Taking the right Magisk zip file is important as this is what you are going to flash next. So Download the Magisk zip and transfer it to your mobile. If not you can directly take the file on your smartphone or tablet.

Note: In case if you have no support for custom recovery you can try to manually patch the device’s boot image and flash it or in the other way install it directly.

Magisk Manager

Step 03: Flash Magisk

The step next is going to the Recovery mode and flashing the Magisk zip file. So boot the device into Recovery mode (press and hold the Power button and Volume keys) and proceed with the steps below.

  • Go to the recovery mode, and select the Install button
  • Find out the folder you have downloaded the zip file of Magisk
  • Choose the zip file in the right place
  • Now Swipe the slider and continue with install Magisk
  • Finalize with a tap on “Reboot System”

Step 04: Install Magisk Manager

By now Magisk Framework is successfully installed on the device. But to manage with Magisk Root for Android 10, you need to download Magisk Manager. Make sure to enable Unknown Sources from the device and Download Magisk Manager’s latest version.

Through Magisk Manager only you can manage with root settings and install Magisk Modules. These modules are installable mods that bring you various feature updates. In fact, this is the most important part of Magisk to see the full potential of the device.

Step 05: Verify Root and SafetyNet Status of your Android 10

The final step here is to verify the Magisk Root status and the SafetyNet support. So go to the Magisk Manager you will see green checkmarks in the app. And on the top of the screen, you should see “MagiskSU” with a green checkmark next. This verifies your device is officially rooted. So congratulations on the systemless root on your Android 10. And the next to verify is SafetyNet Status which is the most important factor of Magisk root.

Having complete root support without triggering SafetyNet is the core fact about Magisk root. For that, you need to pass the SafetyNet check. So go with the button, “Tap to start SafetyNet Check”. If you notice two green checkmarks after the check runs, you are having all support here.

magisk manager

Magisk v20 is now supporting Android 10

Magisk Manager receives updates in order to serve the best modifications and root management. With version 20, Magisk confirms the highest and complete support for Android 10. This is more stable than previous Magisk versions and especially targets more compatibility for Android 10. You can check the full change log in the forum. The new version includes performance improvements also with various bug fixes.

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