The Complete Understanding to MagiskHide

When it comes to Android modding, Magisk takes a very special place in all minds. In fact, Magisk is about modifying the system just as you required but without making any trouble in the system. It brings changes to the system but without any changes in the core code. This is completely systemless where you can enjoy all the features and functions even after root without getting restricted to any frames. So let’s take a look at how Magisk is different from other rooting methods and what benefits it brings with Magisk Manager, MagiskHide, like features within the package.


Magisk Manager with Magisk Root

When talking about Magisk, you must give the highest attention to Magisk Manager. In fact, this app Magisk Manager is the main element here allows you to get the best of Magisk root. Through Manager App, you can handle all Magisk features including granting and denying permissions to apps after root. You can meet the latest version of Magisk Manager from us here as you could not take the app download from the official Google Play Store.

What is Magisk Hide?

When rooted in the usual way, the system gets modified and it knows the changes it has gone through. But here with Magisk, you can hide root privileges.

Google’s SafetyNet API detects when the system is changed through rooting and going to block various functions from the access especially for the apps for banking. So after the modifications are done in the usual way, you could not use Google Pay, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, Netflix like apps. But thanks to the systemless nature of Magisk Root, you can hide root from these types of applications and just use it as you used to.

Magisk Hide is an exclusive feature coming with Magisk root. Thanks to this useful feature, you can cover root permission for certain apps putting no restriction on them to function on the device. So no app will see that your device is rooted and will soon start processing once you launch. Google’s SafetyNet will not trigger the root changes on the system and you can make use of any app with no issue.

Magisk Manager

How to enable MagiskHide?

Almost all of the Magisk root features are managing through Magisk Manager. So here we go with enabling MagiskHide through the manager to get root to hide access.

Launch the app and go to the settings of the Magisk Manager. You can here find the Magisk Hide feature to toggle on. Continue to switch on and now open the slide-out menu to see MagiskHide enabled. You can now tap on it and get all the apps installed on your smartphone. Here you can simply check the app from the list to hide.

Wrap Up

There are many things you can do with Magisk other than just running Android root. You can enjoy many customization features on your Android by adding modules through Magisk Manager. And through MagiskHide, you can cover uproot from the system to meet no barriers in enjoy app functions. So what else over Magisk to Root Android in a systemless way?

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