How to Root Android 10 with Magisk Manager?

Magisk is a powerful tool that owns very high popularity in the rooting field not just for bringing complete root but also for its systemless modifications. Magisk Manager has become very popular in the past years for its support in experiencing root and custom mods while relying on features like Google Play, Netflix and etc. … Read more

The role of Magisk Mount in Magisk Manager

The latest trend of Android rooting is Magisk where you have the privileges to root in a systemless nature. In modifying the system, this is essential as it makes all the changes without actually modifying the system. Yes, it is kind of a miracle where you have both root and non-root privileges in one device. … Read more

Why MagiskSU over SuperSU?

Systemless rooting with Magisk will result in you with MagiskSU making your entire attempt to root privileges completely. With the systemless nature of the tool, MagiskSU helps with hiding the root status at any time to avoid recognizing from the Google security standards. So MagiskSU works magically with the best superuser privileges when the original … Read more

The Complete Understanding to MagiskHide

When it comes to Android modding, Magisk takes a very special place in all minds. In fact, Magisk is about modifying the system just as you required but without making any trouble in the system. It brings changes to the system but without any changes in the core code. This is completely systemless where you … Read more

The Best Systemless Root Management with Magisk Manager

Rooting Android is the best-known solution for many Android system related optimizations. But do you know the right tool solution to move with? Changing the path to a better, we now find rights to systemless root here with Magisk. And help you out with the complete management of Magisk, you can now meet Magisk Manager … Read more